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Today, most marketers don’t notice, track, or interact with people until they are customers. — Seth Godin

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Don’t Market to Everyone. Do This Instead.

Don't Market to Everyone

You’re ready to put more effort into marketing your business. You have a great logo, brand, and website. So you think, “I’ll create an ad!” But no one responds. You don’t make more sales or drive traffic to your site. This is because you haven’t found your ideal client. There is a popular quote in marketing… continue reading »

How to Crush It with Local SEO

How to Crush It with Local SEO

How does your business compare with other local businesses online? Maybe you’ve gone to Google to search for your business and find your website way down the list. You better believe that your competitors are already doing this and the competition is fierce. This is why it is important that you implement a local SEO… continue reading »